Checklist for Mastodon Admins (1/2)

- Do you have enough free disk space?
- Is the expiration date of the certificate correct?
- Is the backup ...... working properly?
- Does the mail from the server reach you properly?
- Is the scheduler queue working?
- Is streaming working?
- Is the WebUI working?
- Is /api/v1/instance working?
- Are the ca-certificates updated?
- Did you forget to pay the server fee?
- Did you forget to pay the domain fee?
- Is your credit card expired?


Checklist for Mastodon Admins (2/2)

- Is there anyone who doesn't react for some reason?
- Are there any servers that you haven't seen recently?
- Is the server responding slowly lately?
- Have you forgotten to approve new registrations?
- Are there any spam accounts out there?
- Have you forgotten to report someone?
- Have you written down the "server rules"?
- Have you updated your OS package?
- Have you updated your Mastodon?

Explanation of the checklist for Mastodon server administrators

I've also written a blog explaining this list. Please check it out if you're interested.

sounds like the majority is automatable.

Is there no project to build a masto istance monitoring tool?