The original server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit は、株式会社MisskeyHQが運営する地球で生まれた分散マイクロブログSNSです。Fediverse(様々なSNSで構成される宇宙)の中に存在するため、他のSNSと相互に繋がっています。


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Mastodon日本鯖です. よろしくお願いいたします。 (Maintained by Sujitech, LLC)
Infosec Exchange
A Mastodon instance for info/cyber security-minded people.
By clicking past warnings of any sensitive content, you affirm to be 18 years of age or older, and agree to the Terms of Service.
Mastodon 🐘
A general-purpose Mastodon server with a 500 character limit. All languages are welcome.
Pawoo - 創作活動や自由なコミュニケーションを楽しめる場
The Social Coop Limited が運営するマストドンインスタンス「Pawoo」は、文章や画像を投稿して楽しむSNSです。 「創作活動や自由なコミュニケーションを楽しめる場」として、どなたにも幅広く使っていただけます。
Fosstodon is a Mastodon instance that is open to anyone who is interested in technology; particularly free & open source software.
A newer server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit
Hachyderm is a safe space, LGBTQIA+ and BLM, primarily comprised of tech industry professionals world wide. Note that many non-user account types have restrictions - please see our About page.
Hello! is a fast, up-to-date and fun Mastodon server.
Vivaldi Social
Vivaldi Social is part of the Mastodon network and is hosted in Iceland by the makers of Vivaldi Browser. Everyone is welcome to join. – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community
Universeodon Social Media
Be one with the #fediverse. Join millions of humans building, creating, and collaborating on Mastodon Social Network.