lengyel és szaúd-arábiai fizikusok bud spencer film nézési szokásaitól a melankolikus szovjet micimackó rajzfilmekig…a hallgatói egyszerűen utolérhetetlenek…


I was invited to this exciting workshop at the University of Tokyo in February as a discussant. Looks like there are other fellow anthropologists out there exploring the role of chemicals in making humans healthy and/or sick. Jump in if you’re interested and happen to be in the area!


ünnepek közötti csendélet—1 kakasleves 3 grízgombóccal (háttérben nagyi covidos bögréje)

don’t you often read or hear from others that our perception of time is shrinking by age? but what about space? i was shocked to learn today that the route that I used to walk to and back from school, which was practically the universe to me from age 6 to 10, is a mere 3000 steps. that was before pedometers, but still.



hotel lobby on the island of : two groups of elderly people, one from , and another from are in the middle of a heated debate over whose state has the best mexican food “in the world” 😂😂😂 maybe ? 🇲🇽🇺🇸

coming to Hawaii from Japan ✈️ 43 hrs monster Tuesday is at last over 🥱

Tanulság. Ha nincs kedved szarakodni a környezetvédelemmel, csinálj belőle pártpolitikát. Ezt akartuk, nem? Tessék, minden-posztmodern-politika 2023. Bruno elvtárs vajon forog-e a sírjában?


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The development of #STS in Turkey follows #MoreThanInstitutional trajectories through hybrid #place based #politics at the intersections of,

—research, education, art, and the public.

Read by @aybikealkn, @maralerol3 & @DuyguKasdogan: doi.org/kvkz


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Ecuadorian #STS reimagined through "#thirdspace" and #Chakana symbolism.

Belén Albornoz uncovers the challenges of community identity building and knowledge production in Ecuadorian #STS.

Read here: doi.org/ktpf

#places #spaces #transnationalSTS

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The #Translation of "STS" in #Chinese points at the #Internationalization of the field not as simple knowledge transfer—

—but as local attempts to make sense of, and negotiate the #globalization of #STS

Read by
Gonçalo Santos,
Naubahar Sharif &
Jack Linzhou Xing: doi.org/ktpc

第3回 大阪大学・環境共生セミナー
講師:本庄萌(長崎大学 環境科学部 准教授.専門分野:動物法、比較法)

今日は第26回日本環境共生学会@愛知学院大学。私にとって初登場。電気自動車の普及や はもちろんのこと、食のCO2排出量の認知から、森の中での自然環境学習、「ロードキル」という野生動物の交通事故、下水の活用化まで、何か解決したいという課題が多い印象。タイトルや目的に「 」という言葉が並んでいるのは、学生の課題以外に評価したことない私にとってとても新鮮。そして、日曜日の午後にL−S博士の「 」概念も久々に出場。人類学でよかったね✌️