@noellabo I have a question about the "Mutual followers only" option. Is it compatible with other regular Mastodon instances?

Besides, last year you said that "circles" relied on some standard that was not implemented in the vanilla Mastodon, so "circle" was not compatible with vanilla Mastodon instances. Is "circle" compatible with vanilla Mastodon today?

@noellabo If you are developing the Group feature you may be interested in this notice.
gup.pe has stopped working for the new version of Mastodon since probably August, so if fedibird.com cannot receive messages from gup.pe, it is not a bug in the Fedibird.
QT: social.coop/@datatitian/105080

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@GuppeGroups ⚠️ Guppe is not compatible with Mastodon 3.2.1. They have changed their http authentication requirements and are currently rejecting a...

May I ask some questions about hashtag relay?
1. Is there anyway to reject an existing domain? For example, bad.com has already joined the relay, but I don't know how to send a rejection message to it so that they can stop sending messages to the relay. Suppose that bad.com is a normal Mastodon instance.
2. Do I have to manually create an activity.json to do something like above? Is there any convenient way to compose a valid activity.json?

@noellabo Thanks! May I also ask some questions about your hashtag relay?
I am trying to setup a hashtag relay for my community.

1. Is selective-relay the same as hashtag relay? Is "hashtag only" filter hard coded in the code or should I use some config files to implement this?

2. If an instance admin has set AUTHORIZED_FETCH=true, will that instance work with the relay? I think the message from the instance may lack a linked-data signature.

@noellabo I mean if someone in the Circle is not on Fedibird, then he/she won't receive the status.


May I ask you a question about Circle feature? It seems that Circle posts are no longer federated to other Mastodon instances. Is it intended?

@noellabo @circledev I haven't tested on Fedibird yet and am not sure if it's the same for Fedibird. My development server runs a slightly different version of code from the Fedibird's.


@noellabo @circledev On my testing server the recipient always receives a notification when someone that they follow posts something in a circle. I think the backend probably treats circle posts like DMs. But I don't think it's a good idea to send notification for every circle post.

Multiple UI bugs for Circle:
On mobile Chrome:
Bug 1. Go to compose form. Refresh the page. The circles disappear from the privacy drop down list.
Bug 2. After writing a message it automatically jumps to Direct Messages. It should stay in the page where I clicked the Compose button.

@noellabo May I ask a question about Group Timeline? What is the difference between
using a Group Timeline
just following a group actor from a vanilla Mastodon instance?

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@noellabo If I want to deploy the Group Timeline on a development server, is there anything else that I need to do except for cherry-picking the recent commits? (I have already merged most of the Fedibird code and they worked well)

@noellabo It seems to be introduced by tootsuite#14275 and could be fixed by changing corresponding lines below SUBSCRIBING_FETCH_SUCCESS:


The subscriber list is broken.
To reproduce: click your own user profile => click the subscribers count number => Error occurs

@noellabo Is there a group server in development? How is it useful? Thanks!

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mstdn.jp / mastodon.cloud 譲渡に関する新規のお問い合わせは締め切らせていただきました。

現在、 mstdn.jp / mastodon.cloud 譲渡先候補の会社と連絡を進めております。

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サーバの負荷状況は、たとえばCPU Usageで見てこのぐらいの変化です(Max: 400%)。……増えているようですが、あまり変化がわかりませんね。メモリも6割ぐらい空いてますので、まだ余裕があるように思います。






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