Everyone of @guppegroups , Hello.

Everyone of guppe, Hello. I made a pull-request to the master of Mastodon for basic response to group actors.

This will display the Group badge and suppress group boost notifications.

Also, because the group follower is added to the delivery destination, you can deliver with Create-Note instead of Announce.

Tell us about any interesting stories about the group. Thank you!

Woah very cool. Thanks! Just checked it out on mastodon.social

Could you tell me more about delivering group activity with Create? I thought it would be ignored because the Note would have a different origin


@datatitian @guppegroups @liaizon Mastodon's pub-relay offers Create-based relay delivery. Check the implementation by Crystal-lang or ruby.

In order to relay by Create, Note must be signed because the origin is different. Mastodon and Misskey sign the Note, but not Pleroma. In this case, it will be delivered by Announce.

The HTTP signature is performed with the private key of the group actor, just like Announce.

@datatitian @guppegroups @liaizon On Mastodon's master, if you mention a group, followers of the group will be added to cc. Please try at mastodon.social.

This should allow you to implement private and direct groups, as well as public and unlisted.