kolektiva.social kolektiva.social
Kolektiva is an anti-colonial anarchist collective that offers federated social media to anarchist collectives and individuals in the fediverse. For the social movements and liberation!
Poast poa.st
Fediverse for shitposters
SFBA.social sfba.social
A Mastodon instance for the San Francisco Bay Area. Come on in and join us!
norden.social norden.social
Moin! Dies ist eine Mastodon Instanz für Nordlichter, Schnacker und was sonst noch so aus dem Norden kommt. Folge dem Leuchtturm.
O3O o3o.ca
欢迎来到o3o(嘟站)!这是一个泛话题社区,无论你的兴趣是什么,你都可以自由地通过发布“嘟嘟”来吐槽一切、摸鱼扯皮。 本社区由位于加拿大的 O3O.Foundation 项目运营。我们相信由社会组织运营基本通讯软件和设施是必要的,它们不应被控制在大型企业和政府手中。
呜呜 w(> ʌ <)w wxw.moe
一个 泛ACGN 实例,讨论主题不限 ~
mastodon.scot mastodon.scot
A server intended for (but not limited to) users in Scotland or who identify as Scottish.
ohai.social ohai.social
ohai.social is a cozy, fast and secure Mastodon server where everyone is welcome. Run by the folks at ohai.is.
alive.bar alive.bar
你好,欢迎使用 alive.bar 社交媒体实例。 alive.bar 仅仅是一个服务器位于美国的网站,它使用了「长毛象(Mastodon)」服务。
Mastodon App UK mastodonapp.uk
UK Hosted and Managed Mastodon Instance. General communal space for discussion, everyone welcome!
Mastodon social.tchncs.de
A friendly server from Germany – which tends to attract techy people, but welcomes everybody. This is one of the oldest Mastodon instances.
La Quadrature du Net - Mastodon - Media Fédéré mamot.fr
Mamot.fr est un serveur Mastodon francophone, géré par La Quadrature du Net.
NAS noauthority.social
Long live NAS!
The Wandering Shop wandering.shop
Wandering.Shop aims to have the vibe of a quality coffee shop at a busy SF&F Convention. Think tables of writers, fans and interested passers-by sharing drinks and conversation on a variety of topics.
Mindly.Social mindly.social
Mindly.Social is an English speaking, friendly Mastodon instance created for people who want to use their brains and their hearts to make social networking more social. 🧠💖