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If I was to do an Instagram like photos grid for user profile medias tab, is that something people really want? I mean it would be fun to do & code but I’m not sure how useful it could be or even if it would be better than the current standard posts list we have right now.

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OMG YOU GUYS Florida prisons just reversed their decision to ban my book!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote letters in support. Y'all really made a difference🖤


#bannedbooks #corrections #Florida

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I got tired of forgetting where the #RSS / #Atom #feeds are on various #Fediverse platforms and having to track them down, so I started a list.

Currently covers *deep breath* #Mastodon, #Bookwyrm, #Funkwhale, #GoToSocial, #Lemmy, #Misskey & forks, #Pleroma & forks #PeerTube, #Pixelfed, #Plume, #Snac2, #Takahe, and #WriteFreely


Feel free to let me know what I should add to the list (or any corrections I need to make) in a reply to this post!

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This exchange demonstrates how far the safety-deficient mental models have progressed with Tesla's own products, but Tesla's own highly-mixed signals in terms of system limitations.

When an incident happens, #Tesla argues that the human driver is fully liable.

When #Musk wants to sell vehicles and pricey add-ons, the Tesla vehicle can "drive itself".

Pure doublethink that profits at the expense of public safety.

Automotive regulators have been given a Gift Horse here by Musk.

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Want to help out with development of Toot!? I have been doing some large internal rewriting, and probably introduced some exciting new bugs in the process, so I thought it might be best to do a public beta for this version to shake them out a bit before release.

The link to join the beta is here:

Only join if you are happy to deal with some bugs! Or, if you want a free trial of Toot! and don’t mind a potential bug or two.

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Ella Irwin also explicitly directed Twitter to ban journalists like me. The fact that she has used her access to people's private messages should be a wake-up call to everyone on Twitter, especially journalists; how can you protect sources in a place like that?

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"We’ve confirmed that Irwin has access to user DMs as part of her position. Given the way the company has handled the Twitter Files, multiple former employees told us that DMs are no longer secure, and have discouraged us from using them for any remotely sensitive communication."

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Social media 101:

If you want people to engage with your content, you need to also engage with theirs.

It’s simple.

Social media is building a community. I feel like streamer/influencer culture has warped ‘Community’ to mean something it doesn’t - it’s made it selfish.

Interact. Genuinely. With people. That’s it.

#Community #SocialMedia

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Select client app share on based on a sample of ~3600 posts per day from its local timeline. (~600 posts taken every 4 hours).

moving on up to ~9% or so. @icecubesapp getting close to ~2%. maybe 1%. The official iOS app steadily declining (presumably as new third party iOS apps continue to enter release or betas.)

(There are a ton of application_names, so I filtered out to just look at a few. Web remains steady-ish around 35%)

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> Really loving this weird dystopia where everything is becoming _____ as a Service and nobody owns anything anymore.

Capitalism is going to create its own form of dystopic communism (Marxist communism itself being a fanciful utopic model). It's the "you will own nothing and you will be happy" narrative. Capitalism doesn't want any individual, at least not the widespread population, to own anything. Capital wants you to rent, and continuously pay for everything you utilize. You won't own a car, you won't own a home, you won't own a computer, a smartphone, or clothes. You'll rent and lease and live as a modern serf to corporations and power structures backed by capital. [参照]

@thomasfuchs What's next? Intel is launching a "pay-as-you-go" subscription model for their CPUs where you get to pay to activate certain accelerat...
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Fennel and blood orange salad, lemon Koji dressing.
#fedibird #Fediverse

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The winner of the mid-winter goes to this fennel salad with lemon Koji dressing.
#fediverse #fedibird

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@icecubesapp For those complaining that the story is behind a paywall:

1. If you live in Houston, you should subscribe to the Chronicle to support its excellent local journalism. Period.

2. If you do not, there many ways around paywalls:

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My column about apps on Mastodon appears in print today. From what I'm told, it did very well on the web after publishing on Friday. It got MANY boosts and Favorites here on Mastodon, so I assume that's where a lot of traffic came from. It'll be very interesting to see what kind of print-reader feedback I get via email.

This is a gift link to the story, so it should get at least some of you past the paywall if you don't have a subscription. If not, use

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@icecubesapp I would love this! (Tools to tame the firehose, more efficiently than lists, are sorely needed.) The ability to choose the weights/prioritisation a nice bonus.

An idea: include a command that’s like ‘mark all as read’. All the digest posts then get hidden (or formatted with less emphasis) in your timelines/lists. That’s a good way to consume the best x% and keep everything fresh.