Medical care is collapsing, and yet the Japanese government is trying to get medical professionals to work for free for the Olympics.

They must be out of their minds.

I enjoyed drawing picture. Thank you very much 🥰

Malow's holiday 🐻

Yamako Yuri Cat さんがブースト
Yamako Yuri Cat さんがブースト

Here's two desktop backgrounds I made up. The images are from a soundtrack CD for All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku.

Feel free to use them!


I think we should stop the Olympics....

My designed stamp.

When you buy a fanzine, put this stamp on the envelope and send it.

Yamako Yuri Cat さんがブースト
Yamako Yuri Cat さんがブースト

Metatext already has the option to change all instances of “toot” to “post”, I think I might change the default to be “post” but still leave the “toot” option in honor of its history

Yamako Yuri Cat さんがブースト

The first Metabolist Monthly Mascot is ready and it is great, very excited to reveal it May 1st :blobpeek: