I have not been able to post for a while. I've been traveling to hot springs and attending events lately.

This picture is called a "circle cut" and is an illustration used to introduce yourself at doujinshi events.

"Heartwarming yuri manga"

In Japan, doujinshi events are increasingly taking place on VR. This is where I exhibited.

Metatext (iOS Mastodon App) now has an app icon I designed, Mallow the Bear 🐻
Take good care of him :metatext_malow:


Medical care is collapsing, and yet the Japanese government is trying to get medical professionals to work for free for the Olympics.

They must be out of their minds.

I enjoyed drawing picture. Thank you very much 🥰

Malow's holiday 🐻

Yamako Yuri Cat さんがブースト
Yamako Yuri Cat さんがブースト

Here's two desktop backgrounds I made up. The images are from a soundtrack CD for All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku.

Feel free to use them!