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"Finland will start production of artillery ammunition for Ukraine," Finnish Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen said.

"The plans are ready to increase production significantly. The purpose is to support Ukraine even stronger than we already do," he said.

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from September.

we should be excited Millennials & Zoomers are the largest generations of voters in this country.

the problem is that corporatist Dems —the yuppie & buppie scum— think they are the answer to centrism in this country and the younguns disagree.

centrism doesn't make you liberal light. it makes you a fascist but with different tactics.

ZILLENNIALS ARE ANTIFA and that's what scares corporatist Democrats [参照]

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“For a woman, marrying a Trump supporter isn't about being with someone who has different views on tax rates. It's bringing someone into your home who ascribes to an ideology in which you are not fully human.”

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I think it bears repeating:

Every billionaire represents a tax policy FAILURE.

And as the great Fran Lebowitz said (paraphrasing): "No one earns a billion dollars. They STEAL it. "

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The Women Who Saw 9/11 Coming
Many of the CIA analysts who spotted the earliest signs of al-Qaeda’s rise were female. They had trouble getting their warnings heard.

The Tech That’s Radically Reimagining the Public Sphere
In her new book about facial recognition, Kashmir Hill shows how our expectations of privacy have been rewritten over the past few years.

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A reminder that our Nonprofit Explorer has financial details of every tax-exempt organization in the US that files annual reports with the #IRS.

We recently added email alerts, improved search, created better document pages, added charts & much more.

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Satellite images bring Serbia’s hidden Bronze Age megastructures to light
Using Google Earth and aircraft reconnaissance, archaeologists identify more than 100 previously unknown sites

The Battle of Tongues: When Languages Collide, Which Survives?
The life or death of a language often depends on individual preferences and social prestige.
Researchers from the University of the Balearic Islands have shown through a mathematical model how language preferences and societal interactions affect the coexistence and survival of languages in multilingual societies, with significant implications for language preservation and policy-making.

‘I was told to return to work as soon as I regained consciousness.’ Why only a third of assaulted nurses report it to police
Violence against nurses is pervasive. They are more likely to experience physical violence than any other health-care professionals. Violence against nurses occurs in the context of violence against women, with 87.5% of Australia’s nursing workforce identifying as women.

Fewer Side Effects – A New Treatment Method for Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic cancer, a leading cause of cancer deaths, often goes undiagnosed until it’s too late for effective treatment. A new method using nanoparticles delivers the drug Gemcitabine directly into tumors, improving efficacy and reducing side effects.

Surface Water Penetrates Deep into Earth, New Research Suggests
A few decades ago, seismologists identified a thin layer with a lower velocity in Earth’s metallic liquid core. The origin of this layer, known as the E’ layer, has been a mystery. Now, geoscientists have revealed that water from the Earth’s surface can penetrate deep into the planet, altering the composition of the outermost region of the core and creating the E’ layer.