hey whats going on with Pawoo? I saw you posting about it a few times and translated ur posts but figure it out and #Pawoo wont load for me now.

@liaizon Pawoo is domain restricted by registrars. The service is currently down because it is unable to look up the correct nameservers. The operating company is responding to the registrar.

@liaizon It is 'onamae.com'. Child porn was suspected to be the cause, but it may have been stopped by a different company than pawoo.com, which owns the 'pawoo' trademark. We don't know for sure yet. We are now waiting for further information.


@liaizon After that, at 17:23 JST, the 'whois' nameservers were restored and access was restored sequentially. The service was stopped for about 3 days.

The cause was a penalty for missing a moderation request from the registrar.

Official release from the operator

hey thanks for the update! I was meaning to make an announcement post in english about it but didn't get around to it. its sorta incredible how cut off the japanese side of the fediverse is with the english side.